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Consulting Services

  • On-site & Filter start-up
  • Filter Aid Consultants

Filtration Equipment: Design/ Build Turnkey Systems

  • EVOQUA Water Technologies Filter Press
  •    – JWI Filter Press / Siemens Water
  • Lenser Membrane & Gasketed Plates
  • Pressure Leaf Filters / Rotary vacuum Filters
  • Zero-discharge dewatering Systems
  • Automatic Backwash Filters, Centrifuge
  • Bag/Cartridge Pressure Vessels
  • RO/DI/UF Systems

Filter Media: Service Repairs & Parts

  • Filter aids – Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
  • Perlite and Cellulosel
  • Activated Carbon / Clays, resins, salts, zeolites
  • Water treatment polymers
  • Filter Press Cloths & Pressure Leaf Media
  • Filter bags, cartridges, and roll media


  • Absorbents, Booms, Socks, Activated Clays, Zeolites
  • Adsorbent Chemistry – Heavy Metals Adsorption TCLP
  • Solidification, Stabilization, Organoclays, Polymers
  • Tank/ Lagoon – Mobile Dewatering Equipment & Rentals
capabilities include presure valves service

Rental Pilot Filter: 2-Square Foot Pressure Leaf Filter for Production Trials



JWI Filter Press


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